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Dog Mourns Fallen Navy Seal


The death of a friend is never easy. Lifelong memories and experiences you shared together coming flooding back as vivid as ever and you can’t help but feel a sadness that seems overwhelming and never ending.

Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson probably on occasion had thoughts of someday losing his loyal labrador retriever, Hawkeye, but unfortunately it was the other way around.

On this day as this American hero lay in his coffin, his dog Hawkeye came forward and in an emotionally moving moment lay right in front of his friend to pay his final respects.

In his hometown of Rockford, Iowa Hawkeye was photographed lying at the foot of the casket at Tumilson’s funeral after his death in Afghanistan. The people who attended the service were brought to tears as they watched the scene unfold before their eyes.

“Your dreams were big and seemed impossible to nearly everyone on the outside,” his sister, Kristie Pohlman, said at the service. “I always knew you’d somehow do what you wanted.”

At the onset of the service, Hawkeye approached the casket and seemingly collapsed before it with a heavy sigh as around 1,500 mourners stood by to see an amazing scene as this loyal dog stayed along side his master until the end, reported CBS.

“If J.T. had known he was going to be shot down when going to the aid of others, he would have went anyway,” friend Boe Nankivel said at the service.

Tumilson’s friend, Nichols, will adopt Hawkeye and watch over him for his fallen friend.


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